Thin Wraps

Thin Wraps are quite possibly my favorite specialty item that I offer.  I cannot stress to you how much I adore these.  They hang easily or look perfect in an easel.  This is THE BEST quality you will find in a hanging print...period!

These come in a choice of three different coverings. 


     8x10                 $55

    8x12                  $65                      

     11x14                $75                          

     12x12                $80                          

     12x18                $110                         

     16x16                $120                         

     16x20                $125                         

     16x24                $135                         

     20x20                $140                        

     20x30                $155                        

     24x24                $160                        

     24x36                $175      

** Add $5 for Metallic Finish

** Add $15 for Canvas Finish    

** Add $10 to make it a SOFT Wrap

***Remember to add MS Sales tax.  This will not include shipping, but pick up options are available.

 *****If you don't see what size you want here, let me know....I can get you a price.


Just send me an email with what you want and a screen shot of the image.  I will invoice you for payment.  As always, special order items, unless specified, will be shipped to my studio.  Drop shipping available upon request with shipping fees applied.