photo by Amber of Eye Candy Photographyphoto by Amber of Eye Candy Photography This is me, Shanna and "Mr. Moments Captured".  I am a wife, mother, registered nurse, Sunday School teacher, and photographer.  I'm also the "mess behind the lens."  I'm pretty much self taught, unless you count that crash course that basically taught me how to shoot MANUAL on my camera.  Photoshop and studio lighting has pretty much been trial and error.  I love what I do, and I hope it shows through my work.   I wish I could say that taking photos was all I had to do, but I can't .  I am pretty much a "one man band."  I do all of the accounting, appointments, email, marketing, webdesign, photoshop, purchasing, EVERYTHING!!  While it might get hectic, I'm a control freak by nature, and I just can't let it go. 

That cute fella beside me, is my biggest fan, supporter, prop builder, furniture hauler, and my best friend.  He allowed me to take a risk, and go full time with this crazy career.  He puts up with the long nights of editing, the distracted conversations when ideas pop in my head, the parade of clients during mini session days, and much more.  He is my ROCK!  He doesn't get paid for being so great, but he does it anyway.

(Photo creds to Amber of Eye Candy Photography.  Even photographers need photographers!) 


This is Kaylei, my daughter.  She is a very big part of why I do what I do.  She was my very first model, a muse if you will.  She sparked my love of photography.  Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today.  Besides the mushy stuff, she actually has a lot of promise in this field.  She, at such a young age, has already mastered the photoshop techniques that have taken me years to perfect.  She is an excellent lighting assistant as well.  She has ambitions to further her education in graphic design, photography, and business.  You can pretty much say that she will be the future of this business.  The best part about Kaylei.....She works for clothing!


This is Kate, my baby daughter.  She is becoming quite a model for me.  She taught me patience while photographing her "terrible two's".  She never wanted her photo taken....ever!  Mainly, all I ever captured was the back of her head.  She's come a long way!  She is excellent with the babies.  They love her.  If I ever have a "Kate" in my studio, she works her magic enough to let me get some really sweet shots in.  She hasn't expressed a real desire to join me one day, but you really never know about my Kate.  I'm proud to have her help in any way she can.



In a nustshell, this is my team.  Crazy?  Maybe, but it works for us.  Come see us.  You'll either loves us or YOU'RE crazy!! 


This, with the fur, was Smokey.  He was my oldest "son."  He was a wonderful photography assistant.  He was loved by most of the kids and adults who came here for photo sessions.  He was happy to "clean up" after photo sessions that involve food.  He loved photobombing and just joining in on family photoshoots.  He positioned himself in front of me because I'm obviously not busy when I'm lying on my stomach in the grass in front of my clients.  He had no motive for helping other than a pat on the head or a tasty treat.  I'm sad to say he went on to doggie heaven in January 2015, but he will always be a part of my team, even though he isn't here any longer.