I use the term "investment" because it is exactly that!  You can never get these moments back.  Time is short!


Session Fee's have changed.  I have set limits on time, number of subjects, and travel.  Session fees only include time shooting and editing.  Prints and or special order items can be purchased separately.  Image downloads can be earned for FREE with minimum print purchase.  Inquire about specifics prior to booking.


Petite Sessions

These are 30 minutes.  They yield 10-15 images.  No travel time allowed.

up to 4 subjects  $100

up to 8 subjects $150


Full Sessions

These are 1 hour sessions.  They yield 20-25 images.  Travel time allowed.  Only one location.

up to 4 subjects $150

up to 8 subjects $200


Newborn Sessions

These are up to 2 hours.  They yield 25-40 images.  Studio only.  Includes a few family pics, sibling shots.  Note twins are priced differently.


See about GROW WITH ME SESSIONS for savings.


SMASH Sessions

These come in two versions.  Petite is 30 mins (2) drop changes with 10 images.  Full is up to 1.5 hours (4) drop changes with 25-35 images.

Petite $150

Full $250


Senior Casual Sessions

Petite 1 location, 30 mins, 10 images, 1 outfit -- $150

Partial 1 location, 45 mins, 20 images, 2 outfits -- $225

Full 2 locations, 1.5 hours, 40 images, 4 outfits -- $375

(Travel fees are implemented outside of Meridian)

Effective for sessions booked after 4/1/17