There's truly nothing more important to me than helping you preserve those memories.  Especially, when it comes to your babies!  They grow so fast in the first year!!  Here are a few packages to encourage you to capture those precious moments in the first year.  Your first session fee will need to be paid up front when scheduling, and each session will need to be scheduled and paid at the previous session time.  By the time you are here for SMASH, you are all paid in full! 

Belly to SMASH     {Maternity, NB, 3, 6, 9, 1 yr with SMASH}
($125 per session)
Birth to SMASH     {NB, 3, 6, 9, 1 yr with SMASH } 
($135 per session)
Cradle, Crawl, Walk     {NB, 6mos, 1 yr with SMASH } 
($145 per session)
The Late Start     {6, 9, 1 yr with SMASH}
($145 per session)
Keepin' it Simple     {6month and 1 yr with SMASH}

($150 per session)













IMPORTANT: The above fee covers sitting only.  I will retouch 25-30 images each session and upload them to a private online gallery.  Prints and or digital images/dvd can be purchased separately.  

  • Single downloaded images are $20 each.   
  • You can add on a 12x18 canvas with each session for an additional $50 (normally they are $70!).  
  • You can also get FREE digital downloads if you have $100 sales from prints or specialty items. 


Specialty items can be purchased from your gallery.   All orders are subject to 7% Mississippi sales tax.


Note:  Cake not included in these packages.

updated 9/9/2015