How much is the cost, and what does it include?
This can be found under the INVESTMENT tab.  I have a variety of price ranges to fit every budget. 

 Where will we take the photos?
Sessions can be held at my home studio or on location.  We can work out all of these details during our phone consultation.
 What should we bring?
Bring whatever you'd like!  Any special trinkets or props are welcome!  Bring several outfit choices, so I can help you if you can't make a decision.

 Scheduling and rescheduling?
Please contact me as soon as you think you may want a session.  My calendar stays busy (woohoo)!  Once we have decided on a date and time, go to my website on THIS PAGE to pay your deposit.  The deposit is for the date agreed upon only.  Deposits are not transferrable.  Micro sessions will be paid in full in order to book and is non refundable.  Rain checks are offered within the month of the original session only or refund will be given.
 What happens after the session?

After the session, I usually take two to three weeks to edit the images.  At that point I will put a sneak peek on FACEBOOK if you'd like.  Once you see your sneak peek, your images will be uploaded to a private online gallery for you to make purchases.
 How do I place a print order?
It's very simple!  You order directly through your online gallery.  Ships right to your door!  Special order items can be ordered by email or text.  I will invoice you.  Once invoice is paid, I will call you to arrange pick up.  Special order items are delivered to me, so I can inspect them.

 How long will it take to receive my order?
Orders place from the gallery usually arrive in 2-3 days.  On special order items:  Once I receive payment, the order will be placed and should arrive within 7-10 days.  Some special order items take longer, but I will inform you of that when they are ordered.  There may be exceptions during the holiday season, so please get those orders in early!

 What are your methods of payment?
I accept cash, checks, PAYPAL or credit cards.  7% sales tax is applied to all orders!
 Do you offer packages or specials?
From time to time, I will offer packages or specials.  Login to register with my website to be notified.

Can I just buy a CD?  

I don't offer CDs of my images, but I do sell digital downloads in the gallery.  FREE digital downloads can be earned by making purchases from the gallery.  Details on this will depend on the number of images in your gallery. It is detailed in the INVESTMENT tab according to the session you are booking.

My child/children can be difficult, and they don't like photos. 
Well, they haven't met me yet! 

If you have any other questions, feel free to email or call me:)