I've adopted a new motto....Life is FAST, take PICTURES!

It's crazy how we chase our tails going from here to there. We miss so much in the middle. I say this because I'm guilty of it myself. How often to we rush to work, home, school, or church and just plain out forget to look at a sunset. Sure, we see it, but do we SEE it? Do we marvel at the wonder of HIS creation daily? Do we look, really look, at our spouse, our kids, ourselves?

I'm a wife, a mother of two gorgeous girls, a registered nurse, a Sunday School teacher, and a photographer. With all that we have going on, I miss stuff. I began doing photography FULL TIME in 2013 and went to part-time nursing, so I'm not missing as much now. I feel as if I fall short occasionally, so I am adopting the new motto....TODAY!

I want to get in the moment and live it. I want you to get in the moment and live it. I want to help you freeze the moments that all to often, we take for granted. I think there is nothing better than sticky hands on clean pants, fingerprints on windows (come to my house you'll see), or a toothless grin. I love presenting images that leave you saying, "Wow! That is so us!"

I get the biggest kick out of an 18 month old Grow With Me Graduate running to me and throwing those tiny arms around my legs for a big hug after 6 months of not visiting. I love when a shy High School Senior ends up rocking her Senior casual shoot because she feels like she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I love having a couple for whom I shot Engagement pics call me to say, "We're expecting! Can you photograph us?"

I love photography. I love people. Life is FAST...take PICTURES!!